Buckwheat processing

Traditions of consumption buckwheat belong generally to Slavs. For historical reasons technologies on buckwheat processing and equipment for its realization which our company realizes as well, is "classically Slavic". Decisions which can be offered today by producers of other countries can't provide demanded exit and quality of finished products.

Buckwheat processing into grain today is one of the most profitable cereal productions. The technology of buckwheat processing is difficult, deeply specialized and caused by the need of buckwheat grain fractionation into 6 fractions.

Industrial equipment is used to receive the maximum exit of finished products: 72%- peeled buckwheat and 1% - crushed grain. Therefore it is necessary to introduce these productions with productivity from 30 t/day.

The technology of processing buckwheat into grain is caused by feature of its bruchid weevil structure. Process of processing provides grain purification from impurity. The following stage is hydro heat treatment of grain with use of steamer of batch action A9-BPB and vertical steam dryer VPSO. Also grain cleaning section has calibration into 6 fractions in grain shaking machine RKO-4 of special design. Then buckwheat is dehulled in the dehulling machine VDSO and dehulling products are sorted in shaking machines RKO-4. Shuck and husking bran removing is done in air separators ASO. To control finished products paddy separator MSO-1 is used.

Use of steaming and drying processes requires considerable expenses of thermal energy. This production is provided with the steam received by means of buckwheat shuck burning.

On the basis of this technology buckwheat processing is possible without using steam to receive green buckwheat.