The analysis of technical solutions shows that world tendencies for creating new mill productions is directed on grain milling with cut down structure*. However, reduction of milling structure within traditional process solutions and traditional equipment leads to loss of quality of final production. Therefore, development and implementation of new technological processes and machines realizing them is the only way to ensure efficiency of millings with cut down structure. Success of this approach is confirmed by practice, including research and implementation works of our company.

Today we produce wheat graded milling mills with productivity from 30 t/day to 240 t/day with cut down milling structure. Thanks to the machines developed by our company, such as: debrander of "Cascade" design, machines for grain surface cleaning MAO, flour shaking machine SMO, ESM dismembrator, GH grain heaters, etc. we receive an exit and quality of finished products which is much higher than National state Standard requirements. Thus the Customer needs considerably smaller number of the used equipment, working area and other resources that significantly cut expenses on creation and operation of such productions.