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As a rule, while completing a new laboratory the Customer is interested to purchase the equipment at one supplier.

In this regard, except supplying with equipment of own production, we carry out complex equipment of grain laboratories, delivering along with the equipment of own production the best equipment of other producers.

To satisfy our clients' requirements to the full extend we are ready to present a wide range of laboratory equipment and expendables, qualified experts consultations, individual approach to each client, competitive prices and flexible system of discounts, delivery to any region of Ukraine.

Laboratory equipment delivered by our company to supply as complete grain laboratories can be divided into the following sections: 

1. Control of temperature and humidity "Read more"
2. Sampling and impurities spesification "Read more"
3. Laboratory mills and shaking machines "Read more"
4. Weight measuring equipment "Read more"
5. Grain and flour quality rating "Read more"
6. Laboratory furniture  "Read more"
7. Laboratory dishware "Read more"
8. Supporting machinery "Read more"