Laboratory mills and shaking machines

Grain milling at determination of its quality is an important operation necessary for defining great part of indexes.

Laboratory mill LZM-1 is designed for sample milling at determination of moisture.

Laboratory mill LZM-2 is designed for sample preparation while passing test on infrared analyzer, while determining quantity and quality of fibrin, ash content, “falling number”, concentration of protein, fat and other indexes, while determining of which product milling of designated size is needed.

Universal three-nested laboratory shaking machine SLU-1 is recommended to be used in laboratories for: specification of grain pest contamination; weed and grain impurities, fineness and content of fine grain of wheat, rye, oat, barley, millet, buckwheat, corn; ceral quality; flour fineness;  mesh of complete feed grind; flour granary wreckers contaminations. 

Laboratory sieves are widely used in laboratories of elevators, mills, grain plants, feed factories, bakeries when determining infestation, pest contamination.