Laboratory dishes

Laboratory dishware is made according to National State Standard and is widely used in various laboratory conditions which impose the highest requirements to thermo stability and chemical stability of glass. It is characterized by rather high neutrality to aggressive substance what makes it irreplaceable in use by various laboratories. In particular by chemical, petrochemical, food, medical, bacteriological, pharmaceutical and metallurgical laboratories.

Laboratory chemical dishware is smooth, without pores, absolutely transparent, without catalytic action and corrosion-proof even at a temperature up to 300 °C (without sharp temperature fall). The laboratory dishware is completely safe from the ecological point of view.

The laboratory glassware is chemically steady, actually inert and is characterized by high resistance to influence of water, steam, acids and salt solutions and rather high alkali resistance. Glass can be corroded by fluohydric acid, concentrated phosphorous acid and hot concentrated alkaline solutions. Continuous alternation of simple and multiple communications of acid and alkaline environments increases corrosion. Chemical resistance of laboratory dishware to action of glass reactants completely meets requirements and conforms to the international ISO 3585 standard.

High resistance of laboratory dishware to sharp temperature falls - its thermal stability - occurs because of low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, rather low module of E elasticity and rather high heat conductivity. When heating or cooling dishware there occurs internal tension in glass that can lead to its destruction at sharp fall of temperatures.

Laboratory dishware is made of transparent, colourless glass which doesn't absorb visual spectrum. The transparence of this glass in ultra-violet wave lengths allows using laboratory dishware for photochemical reactions.

Laboratory dishware offered by our enterprise includes: drip flasks (as built), conical, round-bottomed, flat-bottomed, pear-shaped flasks, Kjeldal's flask, Bunsen flasks, Wurtz flasks, graduated cylinders, as built, volumetric glasses, measuring tubes, vials, laboratory funnels, separating funnels, syringes, burettes etc..

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